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We all know how important it is to clean our house daily, even if not daily but weekly at least. When you grow up and start living alone, you start to realize how tiring this cleaning process is, especially if you have your office work to do.

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After working continuously for hours in the office, you will want only one thing and that is to get House as soon as possible so you can rest and enjoy the remaining day. But this enjoyment won’t last if you have house cleaning to do. Cleaning your house is necessary, you can’t constantly procrastinate because you are tired or just lazy. If your house does not get a proper cleaning once in a while, it will become an unhygienic place, and of course, you don’t want that. It is totally Understandable that busy schedules make it difficult to make time to properly clean your House, but there are other ways you can ensure the cleaning of your house, that too on time! The best way to ensure your house is properly clean is to call our cleaning service. Whether you want the cleaning to be done on weekends, or workdays, or even daily, we will do the job and will make you fall in love with your place all over again.

House cleaning service includes

Our team of hardworking and professional workers will remove dirt, molds, debris, and everything else that makes your house look unhygienic and unpleasant, completely from every corner of your place. Whether you want a deep cleaning, normal dusting, exterior cleaning, or just a soft wash for your house, call our team. We do all kinds of cleaning and we will complete the cleaning task quickly and at a reasonable price. We know the importance of professional cleaning to make your House hygienic and attractive looking, and we also have proper knowledge of the right ways of cleaning, and the right products to use that will be of no harm to your property value and flooring.

Vacuum – probably the most important part of cleaning is vacuuming the floor nicely. We vacuum all floors in every room, irrespective of the flooring material. We also vacuum stairs, carpeted rooms, hardwoods, and tile floors. If you are okay with it, we will remove cushions and vacuum the vacant area to remove food crumbs and pet hair.

Dusting – if dusting is not done properly then it is not cleaning, this major of cleaning needs to be done thoroughly and with full concentration to avoid missing any spots. We dust every corner of your house to reduce allergens. The dusting will be done in all the places and that includes- picture frames, door handles, mantles, fans, windows, side tables, dressers, flower vases, and corners. Our team will conduct a check-up again to ensure that no corners or open places are left behind.

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House Cleaning

Mop – after dusting, mopping the entire place is the next step. Mopping clears out the dust particles that accidentally got left behind. We do the popping with products that will not scratch or dull your floors in any way. We mop hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. If you have baseboards, then we will also wipe them down to make them clean.

We sanitize places of your house that have chances of housing germs and dust more than other parts of your house, such as bathrooms, storerooms, doorknobs, and kitchen countertops. If you want, you can instruct the team to sanitize other places as well.

Once we complete performing almost all the cleaning steps perfectly, we do a complete wipe down of the high-use area. We will scrub areas bathroom faucets, sink basins, mirrors, vanities, countertops, and the surrounding areas thoroughly. Even your tile grout will be cleaned to remove soap scum and other debris. This process also includes the cleaning of your kitchen’s countertop, stovetop, control knobs, cabinets, and backsplashes, and if you want we can also clean your microwave to remove the grease and food splattered around It. After the completion of wipe downs and scrubbing of different areas, we will look for your trash cans to empty them completely and will keep them back in their place after cleaning them properly

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If you hire Conroe TX Pressure Washing, your house will be cleaned and by the time you will be back House, it will be spotless, call us at the time you prefer and we will be there to make your house look new and clean as it has ever been.

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